Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Increase in Snakebites. Jefferson County, Ala. May 1, 2015

Emergency Veterinary Clinic seeing increase in snake bites
May 1, 2015 By Lillian Lalo WIAT News, Jefferson County, Ala. — Veterinarians at The Emergency & Specialty Animal Medical Center is sending a warning to pet owners throughout Alabama. They say snake bites are on the rise.
 “We see dogs with bites and on their nose, on their face and anywhere on the head and on their legs. It is very common right now,” said Dr. Sandra Foster.
Prevent snake bites by keeping your grass cut short, and monitor your dog while they are outside. Especially look after terriers who like to sniff and dig in the ground.
According to a study about snake bites in the Southeastern United States by Dr. Foster, it is important that the owner of the pet gives a detailed account of what the snake looks like if possible. It is also helpful to bring in the dead snake for examination and identification if possible. Owners should note the time of the bite, and bring in their pet’s full medical history so that preexisting conditions can be taken in to account and current symptoms can be more properly observed.
“In Alabama, we have a problem with Diamondbacks, Copperheads and Water Moccasins,” Foster said.
According to Foster’s study, 20 percent of bites are estimated to be dry and contain no venom, therefore it’s best to assume that all snake bites are venomous.